"...captivating... a work of striking lyricism and jittery energy...Lerner writes in a prose style that is intricate, poetic, and full of surprises...In a lesser writer's hands, such an exaggerated view of womanhood might have seemed silly or unbelieveable. But Lerner has the gifts to make it all work -- the girls seem real, and you want them to escape." -- The New York Times Book Review

"...a gutsy and wildly imaginative first novel. It's a freak show, but with human touches about the need for motherly approval and the ecstasy of first love. Bottom Line: Beautiful debut." -- People Magazine

"...more comic relief than feminist manifesto...weird, wacky and worth it." -- The San Diego Union Tribune

"...fiercely imagined... a bracing vision of how young women are taught to strive for a synthetic femininity." -- The Washington Post

"...a quirky coming-of-age story set in an eerily recognizable future...she (Lerner) writes sentences that are surprising, inspired and lyrical...reminiscent of David Foster Wallace." -- The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

"...Lerner is so adept at couching the grotesque within the commonplace that the future seems just a few weeks away...surprisingly witty and tender." -- USA Today

"...wildly imaginative and, at times, hilarious... poignantly real and true" -- OUT magazine

"an ambitious, clever debut...a brainy, subversive, George Saunders-esque satire" -- BOOKFORUM

"funny and imaginative" -- Kirkus Reviews

"Surreal yet heartfelt, the novel probes what it means to be a good daughter and conscientious citizen. Recommended for all libraries." -- Eleanor J. Bader, Library Journal (starred review)

"...inventive...Edie's struggles to forge a unique identity lead her to concoct a winning triumph all her own, and readers will be engaged by her utterly believable pluck in this most unusual coming-of-age debut." -- Publishers Weekly

"...dramatic...theatrical...the future [she] creates is so frightening because it's so easy to imagine; the casual, tacitly accepted violence and environmental degradation feel grounded in a present-day reality." -- The Hartford Courant

"...a wicked twister of a first novel...critiques not just society at large;it also focuses micro, exposing the failures to commmunicate and connect that alienate husband from wife, parent from child...Lisa Lerner merges Naomi Wolf, Tom Robbins and Thomas Bellamy." --The Miami Herald

"Part comedy, part science fiction, part coming-of-age drama, this novel rocks on what it means to be a girl, no matter who you are." -- Teen Magazine

by Lisa Lerner
Farrar, Straus & Giroux